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1997 WACO


S/N: F5C-78

Airframe:  518 TTAF

Engine 211  SMOH

Propeller-Constant Speed Upgrade

  • Extended range fuel tanks

  • Avionics include FULL 6 pack

  • Garmin 430 

  • King KX 155. King Audio & Transponder


  • IFR Capability

This YMF-5 has always been hangared and is currently located at WACO Aircraft Corp in Battle Creek, MI. This particular IFR model offers the best value on the market! A fresh annual and the following service items were completed in June 2020:


  • Two New Batteries Installed

  • New Fuel Strainer Seals Installed

  • New Cylinder #6 Ignition Insulator Installed

  • New Cowl Felt Pads Installed

  • New Scat Tubing Installed

  • New Tailwheel Shock Strut Springs Installed

  • New Tailwheel Tire Installed

  • New Front Cockpit Windscreen Installed


Beautiful, ready-to-fly aircraft! Contact WACO Aircraft today to schedule your showing.

Here's a brief history of the airframe:

  • Airplane completed 1-22-1998 and Experimental Airworthiness was issued.

  • Peterson Aviation Inc. auto fuel STC installed at TT: 1.2 hrs

  • PK3000 Floats installed at TT: 3.0 hrs.

  • Sensenich prop installed TT:34.3 hrs

  • Hamilton standard 2B20 prop installed at TT: 65 hrs.

  • Main Landing gear and Floats swapped back and forth few times in 1999. Fixed conventional gear remains on the aircraft.

  • Standard Airworthiness issued 7-28-99. @ 80 hrs. total time.

  • Removed registration N42735. Obtained new registration N789WC at 80.2 hrs total time.

  • Fabric repair 6-11-2001 right lower wing TT:220.4

  • Left lower wing repaired at tip, wood repairs and fabric repaired, new aileron, @ 396.0 Total Time. 12/23/2011.

  • Another repair to left lower wing tip and false spar tip 4-9-2012 @ TT: 398.9

Engine inspections and oil changes were completed per scheduled maintenance intervals.  

A brief history of the engine:

  • 1997 Engine overhauled to 0 time, TT: 2134.0 and installed on WACO.

  • #5 cylinder replaced June of ‘98

  • Exhaust outlet replaced May ‘03

  • #7 cylinder OH July ’03

  • Engine overhauled Tach Time 296.9 Feb. ’06, due to low compression and a sheared cam rivet tail found in oil sump.

  • Magneto replaced Tach time: 501.6, Dec ’15.

No unusual items noted on this propeller. Tach time : 504.4, TSMOH: 211.5

Offered at $199,500

1999 WACO


S/N: F5C-087

Airframe:  527 TTAF

  • Fuel-Injected Jacobs R755B2

  • MT Wood Prop

  • Extended-Range Fuel Tanks 

  • Electronic Ignition

  • Garmin 430

  • JPI 930 Engine Analyzer

  • King KX165

  • King Transponder

2019 WACO

YMF-5 Super IFR

S/N: F5C-157

Airframe:  80 TTAF

  • Garmin GTN-750

  • Garmin GTN-635

  • Garmin GMA-35R

  • Garmin GTX-345R

  • Garmin G5 (x2)

  • JPI 930 Engine Analyzer

  • Garmin Aera 795 (front cockpit)

  • AS & ALT (front cockpit)

10/10 – As close to Factory-New as possible! Factory Flown, Maintained & Hangared – This 2019 YMF-5 Super IFR is loaded with a full IFR Avionics Suite from Garmin, 300HP Jacobs 7-Cylinder Radial Engine (R755A2), Heated Cockpits, Wood Fixed-Pitch Prop by MT, Premium Leather Seats & Harness, Polished Cowling Bumps, Teak & Holly Flooring, Tailwheel Fairing, New Pilot-Assist Entry Bar, USB Power Plugs, Dual Cockpit Cover & Front Cockpit Cover! 


Enjoy all of the benefits of a new-production YMF-5 that is ready to fly today – including this head-turning paint scheme that is the perfect fusion of Classic & Contemporary. 


Call or message us today to schedule your showing!

Offered at $445,000

This gorgeous YMF-5 has always been hangared and just completed its annual in July 2020! N901DP features the hard-to-find fuel injection system for the Jacobs R755B2 radial! The propeller has been upgraded to the new MT wood fixed-pitch, which is absolutely stunning. It is also equipped with Extended-Range Fuel Tanks (70 Gallons Total), Electronic Ignition, JPI Engine Analyzer with fuel flow meter, fuel intake drains, oil tank heater, banner-tow hook, front cockpit cover, battery desulfator/charger and an external power receptacle.


Damage History: WACO factory repaired small tear on right lower wing & small dents in right main fuel tank (from flying with loose fuel cap).


Impressively equipped for an extraordinary value – Call today to schedule your personal showing!

Offered at $214,500

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