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Avionics Solutions

Centennial Aircraft Services is a top-rated avionics shop in southwest Michigan and your partner in upgrading and adding value to your aircraft. Our team of certified avionic technicians are specially trained to inspect, diagnose and install aircraft instruments, electrical systems and navigational components. 


As a certified Avidyne, Garmin & uAvionix dealer, you can expect the highest quality in equipment installation, functionality, support and training. Centennial stands behind their work and believes in earning loyalty by means of transparency and open communication. Advanced job-tracking software is also utilized to ensure only accurate labor time is invoiced.


Centennial's centrally-located facility allows for easy access and is just a short flight from Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. With vast experience in general aviation avionic systems, rest-assured you’ll maximize value and minimize downtime when you choose Centennial. 




ADS-B solutions are available for all aircraft and budgets. Increase safety and operate in Class C airspace with little downtime. Choose from the latest Garmin or uAvionix technology while adding resale value to your airplane.



Instrument Panels

Replace your old modified instrument panel with a brand new custom fit design. Whether upgrading instruments, keeping your current equipment or a combination of both, a custom panel upgrade adds style and value to your aircraft.

*FAA Field Approval and/or DER costs may apply.


Pitot static/ Transponder certification

Every 2 years you are required by the FAA to perform Pitot Static & Transponder checks. Centennial maintains the latest skills and tooling required to conduct testing & certifications with accuracy and minimal downtime.


LED Lighting


Replace dim halogen lights with new LED technology. Increase your visibility in the air and get noticed on the ramp. Upgrade solutions are available for all Cessna, Cirrus, Beechcraft, Piper aircraft and more!




Trust the Centennial team to thoroughly inspect and repair your electrical concerns. Load-analysis is performed to determine any shorts within your system, and sealed batteries are available for maintenance-free upgrades.


Technical Support

Regardless of avionics brand or dealer, Centennial offers detailed training and support of all instrumentation. Painless data & software updates and configuration are also available for pilots of any skill level.

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