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Aircraft maintenance,


Centennial Aircraft Services is your preferred general aviation repair station in southwest Michigan. Their team of experienced A&P Mechanics are specially trained to inspect, maintain, repair and modify aircraft to meet & exceed FAA standards. Extensive knowledge and understanding of Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper & Mooney is upheld throughout their entire facility.


Reliability and Safety are the names of their game – From the moment you touch down at KBTL until the time you go wheels-up, rest-assured your aircraft is under constant supervision with your best interest at heart. All removed components are stored in a secure and organized environment and each job is carefully monitored to ensure only exact labor time is invoiced.


Partnered with WACO Aircraft Corp, Centennial Aircraft also possesses vast experience and knowledge of vintage aircraft and radial engine maintenance/repair. The combination of traditional methods and modern tooling allow for accurate diagnosis and precise attention to detail. Preserving the history of aviation runs deep within Centennial's blood and it is their mission to share that passion with the world. 




Experienced A & P Mechanics perform thorough annual inspections on time and on budget. Your aircraft will be stored in a climate controlled hangar and progress updates will be provided along the way.




In the market for a used general aviation aircraft? Centennial's trained technicians have the experience necessary to carefully inspect all airframe components and determine a value to deem airworthy or complete restoration.




From louvers to STC installations, floats to wheel pants,  Centennial has the experience necessary to conduct airframe modifications and upgrades for all piston engine aircraft. 


Engine DiagnosticS

Trust the Centennial team to properly diagnose and repair your piston engine concerns - From Fuel Injection Services, Carburetor Concerns to Cylinder Replacements. Extensive repair experience with Continental, Jacobs, Lycoming and Pratt & Whitney engines.


Composite Repair

Save cost and time by trusting talented technicians capable of repairing and replacing composite access panels, cowlings, fairings, light lens covers and wheel pants.


Major Components

Flight Control Repair, Alternator, Exhaust, Engine Changes and sheet metal repair are daily tasks for the Centennial team. Trust their experience to handle your concerns with your personal budget and timeframe in mind.

featured project

junkers f13 replica


In 1919, the Junkers F13 was the world's first all-metal airliner. It could carry passengers, mail and cargo. As of only a decade ago, there were only a handful of these aircraft still in existence. The ones that survived through the years were on display in museums around the world, with none that were flight worthy. 

The passionate pilot and WACO Aircraft Corporation owner, Dieter Morszeck, changed this. Exactly 6 years after a seemingly utopian idea was born, the first Junkers F13 rolled out of final assembly in Switzerland. Before that happened, thousands of documents had to be searched for and analyzed in museums and archives around the world. There were no complete plans of the aircraft to be found.


Using the latest technology, laser measurements were made on the few Junkers F13s that still existed. This elaborate method brought the first breakthrough. New, three-dimensional construction plans were created. The design team had to relearn the old construction method in order to be able to build the aircraft and improve it for today's quality and safety standards. The corrugated sheet metal made of duralumin and all parts of the load-bearing structures of the fuselage and wings were faithfully reproduced just like in 1919. 

After it's long journey from an idea to final assembly, the Junkers F13 was shipped to Centennial Aircraft Services where our team skillfully reassembled the aircraft. Thanks to this collaborative effort of ingenuity, the Junkers F13 will take its first flight in the United States in Spring of 2022.

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